From plowing and harvesting to hauling heavy loads and landscaping tasks, tractors help keep your farm or agricultural business running. Their multiple applications will save time and money and boost your farming productivity. Unfortunately, tractors and other agricultural machinery are expensive and may exceed your budget.

That's why, at E&E Equipment, we offer tractor financing loans to help farmers purchase this vital equipment while preserving their cash flow. We can facilitate your purchase of our high-quality new or pre-owned tractors with customized financing solutions built to fit your needs. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us to secure the loan you need to succeed.


1. Who qualifies for a tractor loan?

Our tractor loans are accessible to anyone with good credit. We offer finance to all Texas farmers looking to revolutionize their farms with high-quality farm equipment.

2. Do you work with lenders or finance in-house?

We work with industry-leading lenders to offer the most competitive equipment financing options. We will help you select the best option that meets your unique needs.

3. What credit score do I need?

Credit score requirements for farm equipment financing vary depending on the lender. Sometimes, they may ask for money down if your score is borderline.

4. Are interest rates fixed?

Yes. We offer our customers full transparency on the required payment amounts. You won’t have to worry about any unplanned increases. Therefore, you can accurately predict your costs and budget accordingly.

5. Do you have any special terms or promotions?

Yes. Different models and brands have different promotions depending on supply and demand. Therefore, you may receive 0% interest or standard rate financing with cash discounts.

6. Can I finance used equipment?

Yes. You can get financing for used equipment. Our loans are available to help you buy both new and pre-owned tractors.

7. How much can I borrow?

As much as your credit will let you. We offer adequate loans that can finance a part or your entire purchase. Therefore, you can borrow any amount within your credit limit.

8. Do I need collateral?

No, you won’t need any other collateral to secure your loan. Instead, the tractor and implements/attachments are your collateral.

9. What is the length of the loan?

We offer accommodating loans of up to 84 months. The length of the loan may vary depending on the lender and your needs. We want to ensure that the loan's length terms fit your financial position.

10. Can I pay it off sooner?

Yes, you can typically pay off your loan early. You can either make larger monthly payments, which can reduce your repayment term, or pay off the entire balance at once.

11. How do I make payments?

Our participating lenders offer flexible monthly installments. You can send a check or have the money debited from your account.

Finance Your Farming Goals With E&E Equipment

E&E Equipment has been serving Texas farmers since 1981. Therefore, we understand the needs of our local farmers and are ready to help them meet their farming goals. We offer not only quality farm equipment but also flexible tractor financing loans suitable for every agricultural need. Call us at 817-237-6641 or email us today to learn more.